1. Dress for the weather. Nothing better than feeling snug and dry when you’re out in the extremes.
  2. I have an art rucksack in my car containing everything I need to paint outdoors if the opportunity arises. In a later post, I’ll be showing you my rucksack and its contents.
  3. A fold-up camping chair and an old baby-change mat – something to keep your backside dry and comfortable whilst sitting out in nature.
  4. Compulsory hot drink and snack.
  5. Keep safe. If possible, always let people know your planned route and the time you hope to be home.
  6. I take my dog Rosie with me. She helps me feel safe and lets me be more adventurous.

    Painting outdoors with friends

    You won’t ever forget that time together.

  7. Find a friend to go outside painting together. You won’t ever forget that time together.
  8. You can draw anywhere. I’ve drawn from a kayak, on the side of a cliff, in a boat, on a walk, on the beach, half-way up a mountain… Leave a comment below to let me know the strangest, wildest locations you’ve painted.
  9. Whilst painting outside, I don’t usually use anything larger than an A3 canvas. Anything bigger than that and I might get blown off the cliff!
  10. Large bull-dog clips are great to secure your art pad and prevent the frustration of it flapping all over the place.
  11. Using chalk pastels and acrylics I quite often get messy; wet-wipes and tissues come in very handy.
  12. Plastic bag for any used wet-wipes and/or any rubbish that might have been left by others at your beauty spot.
  13. A camera to take photos of your view if your painting is cut short. And to take selfies* and pics of your paintings and send them to me or post online to encourage others.
  14. Whilst outdoors painting and for a long time afterwards, I find it very calming and therapeutic. It doesn’t really matter about the end-product, the process in itself feels uplifting and good for the soul.
  15. Even if you might not feel like it – just get out and have a go +++
Jennie Shales shows us Art from a kayak
You can draw anywhere.

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